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Kor the Asleep

Kor Karaoke
San Jose, California
Bruce Rogers of Kor Karaoke, like so many in Silicon Valley, started out life as an engineer. He started running karaoke shows around 1996 (the exact date is lost to the mists of time), and a few years later dropped the whole "engineering" thing to concentrate on show biz.

He does karaoke for and DJs private parties and weddings all over the Bay Area. He also runs karaoke two nights a week at Renegades in San Jose, one night a week at the Cat Club in San Francisco (which has garnered him two SF Weekly's readers' poll "best karaoke" awards), one night a week at O'Malley's in Mountain View, and alternating Saturdays at the New Rocco's Blue Max in Sunnyvale. Until it had to close due to the death of the owner, he ran karaoke at the King of Clubs in Mountain View, which under his watch won about 10 yearly Best of Silicon Valley awards from the Metro, as well as two Best in Silicon Valley awards from the Mercury News.

More information (including his song list) can be found at korkaraoke.com, and he can be contacted at any time at bruce@korkaraoke.com, or 408-799-0383.